MG 781 - Lyter, John Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the business and personal papers of J. M. Christman. They include:

Business receipts, 1889-1892

Business and personal correspondence, 1890-1892

Receipts, including tax receipts, 1888-1892, and cards awarding credit to Jane Seidel for completion of curriculum in religious education, 1929-1935

Postcards addressed to John B. Christman and James M. Christman including "penny" postcards and picture postcards.

Unidentified family photos.


James M. Christman was a dealer in "Locust Posts, Sawed Cellar-Door Sills, and Chestnut Rails and Posts," in Fort Hunter, Pennsylvania, in the 1890's. The connection of John Lyter, the donor, is not known.

Date(s): 1889-1935

Extent: 5 folders, 52 enclosures

Creator: John and James Christman