MG 829 - McNees, Wallace & Nurick

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Scope and Content

"The First 25 Years, A Reminiscence," with the subtitle, "How Does Your Garden Grow," is a reminiscence about the law firm of McNees, Wallace & Nurick from 1935 to1960 by Francis B. Haas, Jr., former managing partner of the firm, copyright, 1995. Includes photographs of buildings and personnel.


The story of the first 25 years of McNees, Wallace & Nurick was written by Francis B. Haas, Jr. who became associated with the law firm in 1947. The information for the early years was based on research in old firm documents, newspaper archives, interviews with retired partners and the daughter of the founder, and his own impressions of his many years associated with Sterling McNees, Gilbert Nurick, and David Wallace.

Date(s): 1995

Extent: 1 item

Creator: Francis B. Haas, Jr.