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28.1 Clear and pleasant, I was at a meeting last night to Elect delegates to the convention on Monday Next and appointed Sec // I was at the New Baptist Church this evening and heard Mr. Dugg from Phila" preach, went home with the Mysis Clendenin's and staid all night at Mr. Shunks, he himself having gone to the West

Editor's Note: Rawn attended several local churches. He refers to the New Baptist Church (Front Street between Walnut and Locust, according to the 1839 Harrisburg Directory), DeWitt’s Church, the Presbyterian Church (at Second between Chestnut and Mulberry), and what he called Lockman’s or Lochman’s Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, presided over by Rev. Augustus H. Lochman.

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29.2. Clear and pleasant. I went round this morning before breakfast to notify the delegates of their appointment to the convention on this day.-----

[Mrs?] Geo. Geiger, Col. Thos Walker, Henry Chritzman and Henry Cungle, went to Theatre this evening in company with Mysis HClendenin & Mys E Peacock and Saml. Shock in company with Mys M.S. Clendenin. Play "Turn Out" or the "Mad Politician" concluded with the comedy called the "Blue Devils" Returned to P.O. having RC[received] Chas. Kelso Esqr into the company. Mr. Richards of Jefferson Company slept in my room last night M.J.J.Clendenen being at Shunks.

Tuesday, August 30, 1831 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]
Paid for 2 Box tickets1.00

30. 3 Clear and pleasant yesterday, Inc. A.Fisher Esqr. and Thos Wallace RC [received?] each 3 numbers of the "Saturday Courier" in pursuance of my letter for that purpose to the Gortons last week, I was at Peacock this evening til l/2 past 9 oclock. I wrote to Chas. Brown of Phila to day, and also to Geo. W. Rawn and Woodward & Spragg to these last for a Copy of the "Saturday Courier" for Wm. McClure Esqr. and sent this and Geo W Rawns letter to the City by Mr. A. Jones merchant Paid Mr. A Jones my store Bill as per Receipt today $3.30----

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31 4 Clear and Pleasant. I was at Shunks all night last night he being away. I got Four anti Bilious Pills of Dr. A.L. Dean and took them Felt middling unwell all day. Struck a Light in my office this evening by way of introduction to the Fall [?]Season.

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1 5 Cloudy and Rain, I wrote to Dr. Jesse Hamer last night. Was at Peacocks this evening in company with Boyd Hamilton. Staid all night at Shunks. Mary Scott Clendenin was all night at Shunks.

Friday, September 2, 1831 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 6 Cloudy and Rain. Dr. Bullock called at my office short time this morning on his way through town. I was at the theatre this evening and there was performed "The Review" or "Wag of Windsor" concluding with the Farce of "Who's the Dupe." went alone and walked home with Elizabeth Wilson

Editor's Note: Notice of these two plays appeared in the latter pages of the Pennsylvania Reporter for September 2, 1831.

Saturday, September 3, 1831 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 7 Clear and Warm. I recd. from the BookBinder's yesterday

Sep, 3rd 7 1831

cont d- Whartons Penn a [Pennsylvania] Digest

Bound in 2 volumes by my direction

Mr.Shegogg, Dr. McKinney and myself were at the theatre tonight in company with Myses Clendenins and Mys Peacock. Mary Clendenin and myself staid all night at Shunks whose child is very sick.

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