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15~1 [Sunday, June 15, 1834] Clear & Cloudy & Cool. Wrote to D.W. Rawn this afternoon at Phila & pd pos 12 ½ telling him that the Canal Comm will be there this week. Paid for Legacy last Evening at Shells & [?] 12 ½ cts. Was at DE Witt Church Morning & Afternoon & at the Methodist Church in the Evening. This is the first time I have been at the Methodist Meeting since I came to this town to live. I took Frances & Mother to DE Witts Church before I went there & then after meeting was out I took them home again, that i went down after them & waited perhaps ½ an hour till their Meeting Broke.

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16~2 [Monday, June 16, 1834]

Clear, Cloudy & Cool. I was engaged with McClure & Harris as Counsel today in Audit of Mr. W. Simontons Estate in hands of his Brother James against McCormick & McKinney Sat in Court house in Morning & in McCormicks office in afternoon was at my office till after 9 PM

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17~3 [Tuesday, June 17, 1834] Cloudy & Rain. Engaged & made Speech before Auditors Seach, Wallace & Alricks, as yesterday in Same Matter in Court House, Harris, McCormick, Self, McKinney & McClure made speeches today in the order we are named – McKinney & McCormick on one Side. Paid for Sundries at Wilsons Hotel Geo Shott & Self 10 cts, Recd letter from Geo King Bellefonte Centre County Pa June 14/34 and wrote in reply to him Same day. Recd of Gottlieb Kreide on account of his note for $5 & $2 ½ that he owed before FEE $1.06, was at my office till 9 P.M. – when I went home. Heavy thunder Gust between 9 & 10 P.M.

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June 18 – 1834 Wednesday

day of mo 18~4 [Wednesday, June 18, 1834] Clear & pleasant, Anna Barbara Gibson daughter of Judge Gibson in town last Evening. All our Family but Myself took tea at Dr Edmund O. Roberts this Evening – I took tea at home as I did not wish to attend a tea drinking this Evening. Paid Richd T. Leach Co. Treasurer, $28.69 ½ for Lots No. 266, 267, 269, 177, 178, 223 in PortsMouth Dauphin Co – bought by Chas. Carson & Myself at a Sale of the Same by the Said Co. Treasure for Taxes in this present Month – (having recd $15 of the afosrd $28.69 ½ of aforsd Carson this day) also at Same time pd aforsd Co Treasurer for Lots bought as aforesaid by Myself alone being No. 250, 161, 162 in Same Town $16.90 – vide receipts in full in Both Cases in My pofsession. Drew check on “The Harrisburg Bank” in favor of Richd T. Leech Co. Treasr for $30.59 & pd said as cash $15 as labour.

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19~5 [Thursday, June 19, 1834] Clear & Beautiful – Paid for bonnet bows for “Frances” at Jones’ Store 3 cts. “Frances” & Self took long walk this Evening Took ride on Natl Henries Horse this morning from 8 ¼ AM. To 9 down to Toll Gate toward Middletown & back.

Friday, June 20, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

20~6 [Friday, June 20, 1834] Clear in Morning – Rain Thunder Gust at 12 (noon) Mary Scott Clendenin & Ele. Peacock left town this morning for Carlisle in Stage – for Chambersburg & Bedford Springs Paid for ½ a dozen of Ale at Weitzels for home sorts, took walk with & went to Murrays to See Mrs. Weidman with ‘Frances” pd for Ice Cream at Ebermans 6 ¼ cts pd for [?] 6 ¼ cts.

Saturday, June 21, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21~7 [Saturday, June 21, 1834] Clear & pleasant – Paid Jacob (my valet) 12 ½ cts. Recd letters D.W. Rawn Phila June 18/34 Paid Pos. 12 ½ answered forthwith & pd Pos on answer 12 ½ cts – Also recd letter from Sister Julia Ann Rawn for “Frances” & pd Pos. 12 ½ cts – Recd Speech of Mo Gallbraith in Congress Made on the 6. 7. 14. & 16 May/34 from Wm Clarke [Wm Clarke crossed out] Mr Galbraithe one Member of Congress from this District. Recd of G. Kreider on acct see entry of 17 inst- Fee $1.00 – Paid for Sundries 3 cts – Paid for [erasure over ‘Paid for’] Frances & Self took walk this Evening. Mo. J. Clendenin went to Columbia to day with Sarah Haldeman

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