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June 22nd – 1834 Sunday

day of mo 22~1 [Sunday, June 22, 1834] Clear & warm, Rain in the Evening I was at DE Witts Church in morning Read Robertsons Chas V in afternoon – took walk after tea & spent Evening at home.

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23~2 [Monday, June 23, 1834] Clear & very warm – Dauphin & Leb. Supreme Court begins this morning. Paid for Camomile flowers at Sutz’s 12 ½ cts. Recd of Mo. Roberts, Proty & Clk of SS. in Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 14, 15, 19 being Comth vs Philips & same vs Miller & - vs Fribel – vs Minninger, - Buffington – Harrisvill – Baskins – Baskin of Aprl SS 1834 Depy Atty Generals Fees $18. was at Supreme Court Morning and afternoon. Was at Peacocks & Shunks in the Evening with Frances & her Mother – “thunder Gust.”

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24~3 [Tuesday, June 24, 1834] Clear, Cloudy & very warm, took my under Muslin Shirt off for the first time this Season Chief Justice Gibson in my office & got Tollers Law of Executors. Gave Wm. Shunk as he & Caspar were going to School 1 penny. Wrote note to James Boyd Present the relation to claim due me from himself & G. E Briggs Paid for Segars 6 ¼ cts. Paid for ice Cream at Ebermans with “Frances & Mother 25 cts

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25~4 [Wednesday, June 25, 1834] Clear & pleasant – I walked 4 miles this morning before breakfast & before 6 oclock A.M. & Met Mifs Buck, Smith, Briggs Cap, Cox & Cox & Henderson. Was at Supreme Court Morning & Afternoon. Took tea with Frances & her Mother along with Mrs Cox, Mrs Campbell & Mrs Watts these last two of Carlisle at Chas. Carsons & went to The Capitol with them After tea. Wrote to J.G. Clarkson Esqr Phila requesting him to Enclose a Note in favor of E.P. Hughes vs one Cox Sometime Since Sent to him for Col-lection & also requsting him to direct the Editors of the Saty. Courier to Send their paper for one year to Simon Oyster of this place.

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26~5 [Thursday, June 26, 1834] Clear & warm. I walked to Evans this morning 2 miles up the river & back by 6 oclock. was at Sup. Crt. Morning & Afternoon Made list for Parke Clk of S. C of cases for Editor of the Reporter. – was at Elde & Carsons Store this Evening & in Dr [?] H-etzels office & home at 9 ¼ PM.

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June 27 – 1834 Friday

day of mo- 27~6 [Friday, June 27, 1834] Clear & pleasant. Wrote note by Jacob (my valet) to Jas. Boyd to pay claim against himself & G.E. Briggs. Took walk 4 miles this morning by 6 oclock A.M. – was at Supreme Court Morning & afternoon. Took walk with “Frances” in Evening & went with her to “Leslies” where she remained while I went to Thos Elder, Esqr office to see him about claims in his hands against Jas Peacock & Elizth Clendenin (my wifes mother) Executing of Mary Snyder decd who was the widow of Gov. Snyder, & at the time of her intermarriage with Gov. Snyder the widow of Alexander Scott against whom the aforesaid claim exists – he showed me 3 notes dated in 1809 drawn by Mr Scott in favor of three individuals of Lan. Co. – was at Town Meeting in Court House to make arrangements to Manifest our Sorrow for the lofs of & respect for the Memory of La Fayettee who died 20th last Month. – at 5 A.M. was born Sep 6 – 1737 [intentional line drawn through ‘3’ making correction to ‘5’] – left Frances in at Mo. M. Forsters Esqrz while I was So in the Court House. We met Mifs Watts & Mrs Wharton at Leslies ------

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day of mo 28~7 [Saturday, June 28, 1834] Rain – Recd Attys Legal Fee $3.00 in Slitzer vs Katterman of 8 Apl 1834 credited to my Acct by Mo. Roberts Proty and also Recd Plaintiffs Bill of Costs $13.35 Fee in Same Case of C. A Snyder Clk. Paid for Sundries at Wilsons Hotel 5 cts. Recd letters from “G.M. Dallas Atty Genl Phila June 27/34 & pd Pos 12 ½ cts. Also from J.G. Clarkson Esqr Phila with note enclosed written for on this 25th ultimo. date June 27/34 & pd Pos. 12 ½ cts. Same day Enclosed Note delivered over to E.P. Hughes, (owner) Recd of E.P. Hughes Clarksons Expenses written in Phila & Postage in full $2.25 Paid for a Box of Blacking at McKinneys 12 ½ cts and a Stiff brush at Boas 12 ½ cts. Paid for Medicine at Lutz 36 ¼ Frances was unwell with Soar throat to day –

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