MG 097 - Scheffer, William T. Collection

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Scope and Content

A scrapbook of newspaper clippings, programs, correspondence concerning the Pennsylvania State Capitol Orchestra, 1919-1924, and the Philharmonic Orchestra, 1922-1924. Includes a letter of invitation from Edw. Seymour, conductor of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, to William T. Scheffer to attend rehearsals of the Symphony orchestra. The State Capitol Orchestra was conducted by Howard W. Fry.


The State Capitol Orchestra was organized in February, 1919, and was composed entirely of people connected with departments of the state government. The orchestra was conducted by Howard W. Fry and could not play for any functions except those given in the State Capitol and in honor of state officers or events. William T. Scheffer was an employee of the Highway Department and was a cello player.

Date(s): 1919-1924

Extent: 1 item