MG 378 - Harrisburg Hospital Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains materials which provide the history of the hospital including printed booklets of the Articles of Association, Rules and By-Laws of the Harrisburg Hospital, 1873; a printed booklet of the amended Charter and By-Laws, 1911; a typed history of the hospital from the first organizational meeting in December, 1872 to 1904; the constitution of the Women's Aid Society of the Harrisburg Hospital formed in 1888.

The early papers include the list of original contributors used as a tally for the first annual election of managers; a handwritten order by Rud. F. Kelker for surgical instruments, 1874; a handwritten statement showing drugs and medicine purchased for the hospital, 1878; a listing of articles put out for bid in January, 1879; the handwritten duties expected from a Head Nurse; the rules relative to a Resident Physician, 1877; a printed article from the Harrisburg Telegraph concerning the hospital, 1879; correspondence from Col. Henry McCormick to the Managers proposing to donate the lot of ground on the corner of Front and Mulberry Streets to the hospital, 1888.

Contains annual reports from 1874 to 1886 with a report by the Dauphin County Medical Society concerning the introduction of "Homeopathy" with a reply from the Staff of the Hospital, 1876.

Contains annual reports for the years 1895-96, 1901-1905

Includes the annual reports for 1921, 1944, 1963, a report on the Biennial Convention in Chicago, 1948, and a newsletters of the Harrisburg Hospital Alumnae Association, 1948 and 1976.

The publications include:

a program for the Presentation Exercises of the Haldeman-Haly Operating Room, 1899 (2 cop.)

the yearbook, "The Reflector" for the Training School for Nurses, 1926

a booklet, "Names That Will Live," on the building fund, 1944 & 1949

the 75th anniversary newsletter, 1948 (2 copies)

the booklet, "Nearing Completion," 1952

A Guide for Open House, 1952

a program for the Cornerstone Ceremony for Brady Hall, 1958

a program for the Dedication of the Dr. Harvey F. Smith Meditation Area, 1964

two booklets for the School of Nursing, one undated, the other published in 1974

"Harrisburg Hospital: the First 100 Years," by Robert Grant Crist, 1973, and

an invitation to attend the "Steelraising Ceremonies," of the modernization project in 1981.

Contains news clippings from 1873, 1948, 1981, 1982 and a column of Paul Beers concerning the closing of the School of Nursing in 1974.

Contains a copy of a photo of the Hospital in 1952

Contains an essay on the "Archives of Pinnacle Health System" written by Shelly Engle, 1997.

Date(s): 1873-1997

Extent: 1 box, 10 folders, 42 enclosures