MG 403 - Demmy, C. Curtiss II Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the files and scrapbooks of C. Curtiss Demmy II. The files contain information on a wide range of subjects and include many photographs. The photos in the files marked have been transferred to the Photo Archives.

Contains the following files:

Baseball, Local w/ Lester Bell & Jimmy Deshong

*Boyer Joy Giving Car, B 05588

Carpenter, Villa & Wed. Club

Clark, Alger

Community Bands

Catholic H. S., Bishop McDevitt, Bishop Schott

Downey Elementary School

Dull family

Foose Elementary School


Glenwood School


Harrisburg Academy

*Harrisburg Big Bands, Band Leaders, Clyde Moser Band, Y 05585

Harrisburg Women's Field Hockey Club

Hospitals of Harrisburg

Hershey Figure Skating Club

Horse Show

*James, Gov. Arthur, Govs. Leader, Fine & Judge Rhoades, F 05587

Jones Sisters and other girl athlete data


Lindenmuth, Sara

Linglestown Fair

Lower Paxton School & Sports

Malie, Gordon

McCormick, Vance

Nauman family

Newspaper offices

*Old time trolley, T 05586


Riverside Elementary School

Russell, Walter, Treatise on Cosmogony

School Dedications


Susquehanna School Administrators

Susquehanna Choir

Susquehanna Dedication

Susquehanna High School

Susquehanna Commencement Programs

Susquehanna Schools History

Susquehanna 1949 Homecoming

Susquehanna High School Publications

Susquehanna Sports

*Sweeney Day School, Kathrine, O 05584

Tennis History to 1976

Warner, Roscoe

Wildwood Park Zoo (rotogravure), w/Pres. F.D.R.

Women's Golf

Contains materials concerning Harrisburg Community Theatre, including correspondence, programs, photos, and newspaper clippings; also, files of materials on Milton Hershey, Hershey Park, Hershey Sports, Hotel Hershey, Hershey Cocoa Factory and Hershey Schools.

Contains unorganized materials on local school sports, Harrisburg Schools and Dr. Horace C. Geisel, a scrapbook on baseball and a scrapbook on Harrisburg Horse Shows.

Contains a scrapbook of the Harrisburg District Amateur Golf Tournament, 1925-1953 and a large scrapbook of materials on the life of Clare Booth Luce.

Contains a scrapbook with materials about the Susquehanna Township High School Alumni Association from 1932-1948; and two scrapbooks with materials concerning station WKBO, 1938-1941.

Contains scrapbooks about the Red Cross, c. 1945; the Nurses in War, 1942-44; Our Women in Uniform, a column by Anita Ruby of the Patriot; and a scrapbook of cartoons.

Contains scrapbooks with materials concerning Our Women in War, 1942-1945; Army Wacs, Navy Waves, and a scrapbook with clippings on the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, 1947.

Date(s): 1904-1976

Extent: 2 cartons, 5 boxes