MG 404 - Hummelstown Brownstone Company Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the records of the Pennsylvania Brown Free Stone Company, the Hummelstown Brownstone Company, and the Brownstone-Middletown Railroad Company.

A Historical Study of the Hummelstown Brownstone Industry by Ben F. Olena, 1965

A deed for the sale of seven acres of land in Derry Township by John Berst and his wife Catharine to Abraham Landis, 1837

The charter for the incorporation of the Hummelstown BrownStone Company, 1891

Correspondence including a water agreement, 1867-1868

Accounts, receipts, invoices, 1866-1878

Teamsters accounts, 1867-1876

Accounts with suppliers, 1916

Book of Stock Certificates, Pa. Brown Free Stone

Payroll account book, 1878-1879

Two bound volumes of Pa. B.F. Co. accounts, 1867-1878

Minute books of the meetings of the stockholders of the Brownstone-Middletown Railroad Co., 1892-1939, and the Board of Directors and stockholders of the Hummelstown BrownStone Co., 1891-1929

Book of stock certificates for Pennsylvania Brown Stone Co., Limited

Book of the sales of stock certificates for the Brownstone Store Co., Limited, 1906-1919

Catalog of products, publications

Legal papers including releases, insurance

Walton correspondence, 1920's

Correspondence concerning war effort

Minutes of the Pa. B. F. Co., 1867-1869

Correspondence concerning stock certificates for Brownstone Store Co. with certificate

Railroad expenses, 1867-1878

Legal papers for right of way with letters

Miscellaneous legal papers and accounts

Books of conductor's tickets for the Brownstone & Middletown Railroad

Financial records including cancelled checks and bank statements

Blueprints for the Walton estate

Graph drawings for the proposed change in location of the railroad

Five large leather-bound check registers


The brownstone industry had its beginning in the Hummelstown area in 1863 with the lease of three acres and forty-five perches of land to Daniel Wilt and Henry Brown for the purpose of quarrying stone. In 1864 Wilt sold his interest to Henry Brown who was interested in continuing the business but was without the necessary capital. He formed a partnership with Jacob and Lewis Haehnlen in 1866-67 and his brother Louis Brown. Thus the Pennsylvania Brown Free Stone Company was formed in May, 1867. They each owned a quarter interest with the exception of four shares of stock sold to Allen Walton. Although the early years were a constant struggle to master the operation of the quarry, the business continued until 1875 at which time it was sold on sheriff's sale. Allen Walton purchased the property and the business using the same corporate name until 1891, at which time he had it rechartered as the Hummelstown Brownstone Company. The company prospered, modernized its equipment, acquired more land, installed a railroad, and created a company village known as Waltonville. Allen Walton died in 1898 and the company was placed in the capable hands of his sons, Allen K. and Robert J. Walton. The business thrived until the turn of the century at which time the manufacture of concrete blocks and clay bricks began to infringe upon their business. The company struggled for the next few years, and in December, 1929, the company was dissolved at a special meeting of the board of directors.

Date(s): 1867-1965

Extent: 2 cartons, 1 box, 5 bound volumes