MG 644 - Harrisburg National Bank Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains a list of the stockholders of the Harrisburg National Bank in 1823; the by-laws, 1826; a letter to the Directors concerning a plan and proposal for a back building to the bank, 1830; a legislative act to re-charter the bank, 1833; the banking report to the state Senate, 1835; an amendment to the articles of the National Banking Association, 1883; a certificate issued in 1883 from the Treasury Department extending the operation of the Harrisburg National Bank to 1903; business statements, 1935, 1937; publications providing the history of the bank: "A Century of Banking," 1914; "Harrisburg National Bank, 1814-1935," a newspaper clipping from The Evening News, January, 1936 with photos of the presidents and buildings, and "The Past is the Promise of the Future," 1964.

Date(s): 1823-1964

Extent: 11 folders, 16 enclosures