List of Scanned Harrisburg City Directory Advertisements

1839 | 1842 | 1843 | 1852 | 1856 | 1858-59 | 1863-64

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These ads were scanned as part of the Rawn Journal Project (1830-1865).


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Jacob ShellDry Goods, Groceries, Queens Ware, etc.1
Dr. J. G. ShochDruggist1
A. F. SwartzBoot and Shoe Manufacturer1
Mordecai M'KinneyAttorney At Law1


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Matthew WilsonWilson's Hotel2
Samuel W. HaysSaddle and Harness Maker3
Dr. W. C. M'PhersonDrugs and Medicines3
Houser and LochmanHardware, Fancy, Oil and Paint Store3
Martin LutzDrugs and Medicines3
Mrs. Wm. E. Camp4
Swarger and BrickerChair Makers4
P. C. SedgwickAttorney at Law, and Clerk to Supreme Court4
V. Egle and J. LingleHouse Carpenters4
Intelligencer OfficeBook and Job Printing4
George WolfersbergerDry Goods and Groceries4
H. H. LutzHouse and Sign Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger4
Oglesby and HinckleyCheap Hardware Store5
James HuttonHardware, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.5
Parker and LongeneckerForwarding and Commission Merchants5
John M'LauchlinHouse Painter, Gilder and Paper Hanger5
H. NapeyGrocery, Flour and Feed Store6
William KlineScrivener6
Milton JoslinWashington Hotel6
Augustus TroxelHat and Cap Emporium6
Alex RamseyAttorney at Law6
Charles BuehlerBottling Establishment and Vinegar Yard, Ale and Porter7
Christian F. Hahnlen"Sign Of William Tell" and Bakery7
A. and J. JonesDry Goods7
Weaver and MillerForwarding and Commission Merchants7
Detterer'sVegetable Gentle Purgative Pills8
Penn'a ReporterJob Printing9
James Fleming, M. D.Dentist9
John Adams FisherAttorney at Law9
Leander N. OttAttorney At Law9
Isaac DavisOyster and Eating House9
Saml. S. JonesOyster and Eating House9


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Clyde and WilliamsBook-Binders and Stationers1
Patrick LeslyMarble Yard1
William BellDry Goods, Grocery, and Flour Store2
MorisonPatent Platform and Counter Scale Manufactory3
Van Horn and MeredithDry Goods and Groceries3
Richard BenjaminFranklin House3
R. J. FlemingCoach Manufactory4
Gawin BoonBlacksmith and Spring-Maker4
F. K. SwartzWood and Coal4
R. F. Kelker and Co.Hardware and Fancy Store5
Beisel, Anderson and Co.General Agents For the Sale of Jew David's; or Hebrew Plaster, and Resurrection Persian Pills6
Edward LanahanTailor6
G. W. SimmonsFancy Chair Manufacturer7
X. MillerBoot and Shoe Store8
Wm. L. PeiperLeather Morocco and Finding Store8
Wm. UmbergerTavern Keeper and Drove Yard9
James LewisBoot and Shoe Manufacturer9
G. S. ParkerForwarding and Commission Merchant10
Patrick McDermotBlacksmith and Horse Shoer10
T. W. BuffingtonGroceries and Queensware10
Charles ClaytonBoots and Shoes11
Geo. P. WiestlingWood and Coal Yard11
Daniel W. GrossDruggist12
John H. BrantGrocer and Dealer in Grain13
E. G. BretIce Cream Establishment13
Henry FelixConfectioner14
J. M'CallumLadies Boot and Shoe Maker14
Frederick TraceCedar Cooper14
LongleyGreat Western Panacea15
Fr. Van HaagCabinet, Sofa and Fancy Chair Manufacturer16
Speel and ZollingerHat and Cap Manufactory16
Frederick WeitmyerTobacco and Segar Manufacturer17
Dr. W. C. M'PhersonDrugs and Medicine18
N. H. and S. R. JeffersonHot and Cold Baths18
Daniel ShuppDry Goods, Grocery, Flour and Feed Store19
Daniel ShuppTrasnportation via Rail Road or Canal19
Mrs. E. ClaytonTailoring19
Martin LutzDrugs, Medicines, and Chemicals20
A. K. FahnestockHat, Cap and Fancy Fur Store20
James R. BoydCabinet Making21
John R. BoydCabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker21
G. W. BoydFancy and Windsor Chair Manufacturer21
John Adams FisherAttorney at Law22
Leander N. OttAttorney at Law22
William KlineJustice of the Peace22
Wiestling and RecordFashionable Tailors22
Swarger and BrickerChair Makers22
John S. OliverClock and Watch Maker23
George C. FagerStove, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron Establishment23
E. G. BriggsBarber and Hair Dresser23
Richard GreggWeaving Manufactory and Flour Store24
M. Burke and Co.Forwarding and Commission Merchants24
H. NapeyStensel Plate Cutter24


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James G. SampleDruggist1
Blanche and CrapBooks, Periodicals, Fancy Articles, and Stationary, etc.2
Garberich and ColestockHouse Carpenters, and Manufacturers of Window Sash and Frames, Doors, Door Frames, etc.2
F. L. Hutter and Co.Book Bindery3
G. W. M'CallaClocks, Watches, Jewelry and Fancy Articles4
Kelker and BrotherAmerican and Foreign Hardware and Cutlery5
John M'FaddenMarble Mason5
James S. EspyDry Goods and Groceries5
Sayford and CunkleMerchant Taylors6
James DenningManufacturer of Furnace Tuyeres, Blow Pipes, Steam Boilers and Ornamental Railing6
C. B. HenryGrocer7
Speel and ZollingerFashionable Hat Manufacturers7
Geo. H. BellGrocer8
C. F. MuenchBread, Cracker, and Biscuit Baker8
Jacob SeilerBoot and Shoe Store8
J. W. KerrCommission and Forwarding Merchant9
D. J. UngerDry Goods and Groceries10
J. F. HaehnlenBread Cracker and Biscuit Baker10
S. S. BarrettBook Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer11
J. and T. B. M'CordBoot and Shoe Store11
M'Allister and CoxLumber Merchants12
John SmithMarble Works12
J. J. LawrenceDry Goods Merchant13
Elias ZollingerFashionable Hat Manufacturer13
Samuel SingerGrocer14
A. FoltzTobacco and Segar Store14
F. K. SwartzLivery Stable14
William Colder, Jr.Omnibus, Livery, and Stage Office15
Wm. ToopRestaurant15
Philip LinnLumber Merchant15
Longsdorf and PetersSale and Livery Stable15
M. J. BerringerHouse, Sign, and Ornamental Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger16
A. HummelSaddle, Harness and Trunk Manufacturer16
John CruikshankHouse, Sign and Decorative Painter, Paper Hanger and Glazier16
Black and StephensonBrick Layers16
William KlineJustice Of The Peace, Notary Public, and Scrivener16
Scheffer and BeckBooksellers, Printers and Publishers17
John H. BrantMerchant18
M. A. SwilerStoves19
M'Kinley, Bigler and WiltBuilding and Ship Timber20
B. G. PetersProprietor of the White Hall Hotel20
John BaumOyster and Eating Saloon21
H. FortneyBoot and Shoe Store21
Thos. AldredMarble Mason22
Bernard M. GildeaSurgeon Dentist22
A. C. SmithDaguerrean Gallery22
S. FriesConfectionary, Oyster and Eating Saloon, and Mineral Water Bottling Establishment23
Thos. M'KeeProprietor of the Farmer's Hotel23
Holman and SimonPractical Architects and Builders24
E. LanahanClothing Store24
J. EdwardsBoot and Shoe Manufacturer25
S. D. M'CallaBrick Layer25
Henry BeckerLoaf, Bread and Cake Baker25
Jos. S. RoyalPlain and Fancy Card and Job Printer26
J. R. JonesSteam Engines27
T. W. BuffingtonGroceries28
James R. Boyd, and SonCabinet Makers and Undertakers28
Jacob FisherHardware and Cutlery29
W. L. TrewickGroceries29
H. J. SheaferPatent Medicines30
A. M. ClarkFancy and Staple Dry Gods30
W. T. SandersProprietor Of The Washington House31
J. A. KrauseManufacturer of Tobacco and Segars31
Wm. KnepleyProprietor of the Swan Hotel31
G. W. Boyd and SonChair Factory32
HerrHerr's Hotel32
W. ParkhillLivery Stable32
A. Hummel and Co.Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Carpet Bags and Umbrellas33
Jno. W. GloverMerchant and Furnishing Tailor33
Wm. DuncanTobacco, Snuff, and Segars33
Houser and LochmanHardware Merchants34
Dr. J. A. CarmanDentist34
Jacob WeaverProprietor of the American House, Good Stabling and Drove Yards34
D. W. GrossDruggist35
Jno. NusbaumFancy and Staple Dry Goods36
John FeltzManufacturer of Boots and Shoes, For Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, Boys, and Children36
Boas and NewhardClocks, Watches, Jewlery and Plated Silver Ware37
H. S. LutzPlumber and Brass Founder38
Michael CaseyMarble Works38
Dr. W. K. MehaffeyDruggist and Apothecary39
John PyneState Capitol Saloon, Eating and Ice Cream Saloon40
Valentine EgleGroceries40
H. H. ClarkSole Agent for the sale of D. Kinnears's Patent Lard Lamp41
Geo. C. FagerTinner and Stove Smith42
Jno. H. BiglerBoot and Shoe Manufacturer42
Bay and SmallPhoenix Foundry, Mill Gearing, Rolling Mill Castings, Car Wheels, etc.43
Joseph CookMerchant Tailor43
Sol. GilbertShoe and Shoe Manufacturer43
Henry GilbertHardware44
Hamilton AlricksAttorney at Law44
R. A. LambertonAttorney at Law44
C. M. ShellAttorney at Law45
G. A. C. SeilerAttorney at Law45
A. J. HerrAttorney at Law45
John A. BrownAttorney At Law45
William A. ShannonAttorney At Law45
F. K. BoasAttorney At Law45
John S. M'ConnelJustice of the Peace and Scrivener45
HickokPatent Cider Mill46 & 47
John A. FisherAttorney At Law48
James M'CormickAttorney At Law48
Herman AlricksAttorney At Law48
William S. RowsonArchitect and Civil Engineer48
Colestock and HenryLivery Stable48
Charles SwartzPlasterer48


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John MartzMerchant Tailor1
George W. M'CallaWatches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silver Ware2
Samuel E. ZollingerStoves3
E. F. JenningsWatch Maker and Dealer In Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, and Fancy Goods3
Orth and ReilyDruggists4
Anthony KingHardware, Paints, Oil, Glass, etc.5
Jno. EdwardsBoot and Shoe Manufacturer5
J. and J. K. GreenawaltLeather Manufacturers and Dealers in Morocco, Lasts, Shoemakers' Tools, Findings6
Speel and ZollingerFashionable Hat Manufacturers6
G. L. BlackStoves, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware7
Elias Zollinger and SonFashionable Hat Manufacturers7
George HoyerDealer and Manufacturer of Stoves, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware8
William S. ShafferPractical Paper Hanger8
James R. Boyd and SonCabinet Makers and Undertakers9
B. M. GildeaDentist9
W. L. TrewickGroceries, Provisions, China, Glass and Queensware9
Valentine EgleGroceries10
T. S. ShannonWatches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware10
D. R. Jones and Co.Druggists and Pharmaceutists11
Wm. Dock Jr.Family Groceries11
R. J. FlemingCoach Maker11
D. H. LuskProprietors of the Washington House12
HerrHerr's Hotel12
Wm. MochermanProprietor of the Susquehanna House12
Richard Hogan, Jr.Proprietor Of the Swan Hotel12
John W. GloverMerchant Tailor13
John SmithMarble Works13
John CruikshankHouse, Sign, and Decorative Painter, Paper Hanger and Glazier13
Houser and LochmanHardware Merchants13
Fager and MaeyerManufacturers of Stoves, Cooking Ranges, Bath Boilers and Water Backs and Warm Air Furnaces14
Charles DolsonProprietor of the Pennsylvania Coat Of Arms Hotel15
H. AlricksAttorney At Law15
B. F. EtterAttorney At Law15
R. A. LambertonAttorney At Law15
James FoxAttorney At Law15
Samuel WiltPennsylvania Hotel16
S. HuntsbergerGroceries, Glass and Queensware, Seeds and Variety Goods16
Daniel EppleyFancy and Staple Dry Goods16
J. M. and S. H. ColestockHouse and Job Carpenters17
Samuel DenningGroceries, Provisions, China, Glass and Queensware17
George BergnerCheap Book Store, Fancy and Useful Articles, Book, Card, and Job Printing18
Michael ShafferNational Restaurant19
Bigler and WiltSteam Saw Mills and Lumber19
Jacob Boger and SonDry Goods19
Thomas AldredMarble Mason20
John J. MaglauchlinAuction and Commission Merchant20
Geo. H. BellGrocer21
George ChesterWashington Restaurant21
J. HailmanGroceries, Provisions, etc.21
John RhoadsDry Goods Merchant21
Frank WyethBookseller and Stationer21
W. O. HickokAgent of Eagleworks, Steam Wood Turning and Scroll Sawing Establishment22
Trullinger and Co.Susquehanna Steam Planning Mills23
Geo. P. WiestlingCoal, also Hickory, Oak and Pine Wood23
James W. MorganExchange Restaurant, Oyster and Eating Saloon24
J. K. HauseFruits, Fish and Oysters24
A. C. SmithSky-Light Gallery Of Photography25
Shick and KeetDaguerrean Ambrotype and Gallery26
William TemplinFashionable Tailor26
James DenningManufacturer of Furnace Tuyeres, Blow Pipes, Steam Boilers and Ornamental Railing, and Blacksmithing26
Mrs. Martha JonesMilliner and Mantua Maker and Fancy Store, Jewelry, etc.27
William MorrisWilliam Tell House27
George W. CarrOyster and Eating Saloon27
Jacob ShellLumber Merchant27
J. Martin LutzDrugs and Medicines, Chemicals and Extracts28
John H. BrantLump, Broken, Limeburners and Bituminous Coal28
Albert J. FagerWood Turner29
Reel and Co.Forwarding and Commission Merchants and Grocers29
William DuncanTobacco, Segars29
J. Humes and BrotherPainters, Glaziers, and Paper Hangers30
Hummel and KillingerGroceries30
A. K. FahnestockHardward and Cutlery, Paints Oil, Glass, etc.30
Wm. H. MillerAttorney At Law31
Robert MuenchAttorney At Law31
Hamilton AlricksAttorney At Law31
Richard M'AllisterAttorney At Law31
John H. BriggsAttorney At Law31
A. J. HerrAttorney-At-Law31
E. J. JonesGroceries and Provisions; China, Glass, Queensware, etc.32
Henry OmitState Capitol Hotel32
Daniel HinkleOyster and Eating Saloon32
L. KoenigEating and Lager Beer Saloon32
Philip LinnGroceries and Provisions, Glass, Queensware, Liquors, etc.33
Rev. Wm. E. Locke and Mrs. Anna LeConteHarrisburg Female Seminary33
John BradyBrady House33
Richard Hogan, Sr.Drovers' Home Hotel and Drove Yards33
E. MorganFamily Grocery and Provision Store34
Nevin and PenningtonHarrisburg Restaurant34
M. Bitner and Co.Dry Goods Merchants34
J. H. Bowman, and Daniel BashorePlasterers35
L. LeamyMerchant Tailor35
John S. OliverClock and Watch Maker35
E. C. ForsterFancy Dry Goods36
Wm. Colder, Jr.Omnebus, Livery and Stage Office36
L. C. CunkelGas Fitting36
Dr. A. FergerMedical Office, and Drug Store37
James R. KembleMerchant Tailor and Clothier38
J. R. JonesNovelty Iron Works, Steam Engines38
May and Bro.Manufacturers of Blinds, Doors and Moulding, Scrool Sawing, Slitting and Planing39
H. BradleyShaving and Hair Dressing Saloon, and Warm and Cold Baths39
E. M. PollockBook and Paper Store, Law Books, Printing Ink and Paper, Wallpaper, Window Blinds, etc.39
Lessig and SnyderPennsylvania Agricultural Works40
Holman and Co.Drugs and Medicines, Tobacco, Segars41
Charles C. MathewsMerchant Tailor42
Owem M'CabeCanalhouse42
Thomas J. JordanAttorney At Law42
J. F. WilliamShaving and Hair Dressing Saloon42
C. J. DorrisShaving, Hair Dressing and Shampooning Saloon42
G. W. Boyd and SonManufacturers of Cane Seat, Boston Rocking and All Kinds of Windsor Chairs43
Sloan and BoydUndertakers43
J. J. ClydeBook Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer43
Holman and SimonPaxton Steam Works, Practical Architects and Builders44
H. M. GraydonAttorney At Law44
H. H. PriceWig Maker, Barber and Hair Dresser44
J. D. Murphy and Co.Plumbers and Brass Founders45
Wm. H. ColsherPractical Plumber and Dealer In All Kinds of Brass Work46
J. L. PoultonBowling and Billiard Saloon and Shooting Gallery47
M. J. BerringerHouse, Sign, and Ornamental Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger47
John ZinnLumber Yard47
Wm. ToopOyster and Eating Saloon47
W. K. VerbekeHarlem Oil48
L. Weaver and SonGroceries, Flour and Provisions48
B. G. PetersProprietor Of The White Hall Hotel, Oyster and Eating Saloon49
Daniel D. BoasLumber Yard49
R. and C. M'ElweeSelect Schools50
Charles RoumfortBakery50
Joseph CaseyAttorney-At-Law50
Charles SwartzPlasterer50
Nat P. HinesBarber and Hair Dresser50
William WykoffGas Fitter51
Wm. F. MurrayLumber51
George HammondHammond's Hotel51
Gross and KunkelForwarding and Commission Merchants52
A. H. M'LincheyPainter, Glazier and Paper Hanger53
William BushManufacturer of Plain and Ornamental Iron Railing For Cemetery Grounds53
F. K. SwartzFranklin House and Livery Stable53
John Wallower and SonGeneral Forwarding and Commission Merchants54
A. PattersonForwarding and Commission Merchant54
J. S. Royal and Co.Plain and Fancy Card and Job Printer55
T. J. OslerTobacco and Segar Store55
Jehu ChandlerHorseshoer and Blacksmith55
Margaret HalbachHalbach's Hotel56
M. G. ShreinerShreiner's Hotel56
George KinterDauphin House57
Isaac G. UpdegroveGroceries and Provisions57
Mrs. HetzelHotel and Stage House58


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D. W. Gross and Co.Druggists1
M. Bitner and Co.Dry Goods Merchants1
Wells CoverlyJones' House2
John W. ReilyChemist and Druggist2
Elias Barr and Co.Book Sellers, General News Agents and Dealers In All Standard Publications3
J. and J. K. GreenawaltLeather Manufacturers, and Dealers in Morocco, Lasts, Shoemakers' Tools, Findings, etc.4
E. Zollinger and Co.Fashionable Hat Emporium4
William D. JackBooks and Stationery, Daily and Weekly Papers4
Barr and Brother'sLivery Stable4
William MoyerStone Ware Manufactory5
Cathcart and BrotherDry Goods and Notions6
Wm. S. ShafferPaper Hanger, and Dealer In Wall Paper, Borders, Fire Prints, Window Shades, etc.6
Gross and KunkelDistillers and Manufacturers Of Superior Rectified Whiskey and Dealers In Brandies, Wines, Gins and O. R. Whiskey7
F. A. HuttonDruggist and Chemist7
John B. SimonArchitect and Builder, Paxton Steam Works8
R. VaughnPennsylvania House8
George W. LocherLeather Store9
W. L. TrewickGroceries, Provisions, China, Glass, and Queensware9
C. C. MathewsMerchant Tailor9
Geo. BergnerPublisher, Bookseller and Stationer9
Rose and JonesPlumbers and Brass Founders10
G. A. OglesbyGas Fitter, Steam and Gas Fitting10
Henry FelixFruits, Toys, Confectionery, etc.10
J. J. BallLast, Boot Tree, Shoe Tree and Crimping Manufacturer11
Eby and KunkelGrocers and Provision Dealers11
George CunkleMerchant Tailor, Clothier, and Dealer In Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods11
J. K. WaltmanFirst Class Family Grocery Store11
Denning and CurrandManufacturers Of Iron Railing, Furnance Tuyeres, Steam Boilers and Smithing In General12
S. A. BrumbaughGeneral Brass Founder and Brass Cock Manufacturer12
E. J. JonesState Capitol Confectionery, Ice Cream Saloon12
J. G. LauckDistiller of Corn and Rye Whiskey13
Geo. W. FelixBottling Depot13
John SmithMarble Cutter, Tombstones, Monuments, Pedestals, Statuary, etc.14
Jno. H. DickersonRestaurant, and Oyster House, Also Cooling Beverages14
David HaynesAgricultural Implements, Garden Tools, Seeds Of Every Variety14
Richard HillStraw Hat Manufacturer, and Dealer In Straw Goods (Baltimore)15
Northern Central Railway16, 17
Frank H. Shallus, and Co.Publishers of "The Shanghi," New Weekly, Literary and Humorous Paper (Baltimore)18
Wallace and PhillipsPublishers, The Business Directory of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Columbia and York, and The Rural Villages Adjacent, For 1858-59 (Baltimore)19
William MockermanSusquehanna House20
W. D. Miller and SonPennsylvania Agricultural Works21
H. K. ParsonsManny's Patent Adjustable Combined Reaping and Mowing Machine22
Doctor M. HeigelHomeopathic Physician (Lancaster)23
Kendrick and BiggsVentilating Heater, Cooking Ranges, Plumbing and Plumbers' Goods (Lancaster)24
MarshallPatent Portable Last Holder, Or Shoemakers' Assistant25
ReeseCity Hotel (Lancaster)25
Michael McGrannBottling Depot (Lancaster)26
Michael McGrannWhite Horse Hotel (Lancaster)26
J. W. MayhewLancaster Depot For Useful Inventions (Lancaster)27
David FultonNewspaper Depot and Fancy Store (Lancaster)28
S. G. MusserMerchant Tailor, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store (Lancaster)28
CamargoManufacturers and Dealers In Paper and Paper Hangings, Window Shades, etc. (Lancaster)29
J. C. MillerNorth American Hotel (Lancaster)29
J. R. JimesonCentre Square Hotel (Lancaster)29
William Nichols AmerSurgeon Dentist (Lancaster)29
Benjamin Mishler and Co.Liquors (Lancaster)30
Reineohl and PottsVarnish Manufacturers, Varnish and Cabinet Makers' Depot (Lancaster)30
John F. Heinitsh, Jr.Pianos, Melodeons, Guitars and Musical Instruments (Lancaster)30
Emporium Of Fashion, Wig Making and Hair Dressing Saloon (Lancaster)30
Lewis HaldyMarble Works (Lancaster)31
Gerhart MetzgerNew Shoe and Boot Store (Lancaster)31
Henry S. ShenkNational House (Lancaster)31
George WiantBook Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer (Lancaster)32
J. Franklin ReigartPennsylvania Patent Agency (Lancaster)32
Nisley, Bro. and Co.Susquehanna Iron and Brass Foundry (Middletown)32
Joseph H. BlackBlack's Hotel (Columbia)33
Jacob S. MillerFranklin House (Columbia)33
Daniel HerrHerr's Hotel (Columbia)34
Samuel CarterCoach Manufacturer (Columbia)34
Daniel A. KingThe Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad Hotel35
William MeredithManufacturer of Plow Handles (York)35
Slaymaker and DurkeeManufacturer To Order Castings Of All Descriptions, Smut Machines, Plows, etc. (York)36
Henry BrantTremont Restaurant (York)36
Craten W. BrantBeaver St. Eating House and Restaurant (York)36
Owen R. DavisPortable and Stationary Steam Engines and Machinery In General (York)37
Mehaffey, Houtz and Co.Lumber Merchants (Marietta)38
J. M. ErismanMarietta Steam Saw Mill38
J. A. WolfDrugs, Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, Window Glass and Garden Seeds (Wrightsville)38
William GilberthorpWall Papers, Oil Cloths, Door Mats, Window Shades, etc. (York)39
Chas. S. CornwellProduce, Eggs, Butter, and Vegetables Of All Kinds (York)39
Davoust KernMarble Works (York)39
Shott and UlrichDoor, Shutter, Blind and Sash Manufactory (Middletown)40
George WintersWine and Liquor Store (Middletown)40
Nisley and BrotherBuilding Hardware, Tool and Cutlery Store (Middletown)40


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Alexander Whilldin, PresidentAmerican Life Insurance and Trust Company (Philadelphia)1
A. V. HombachMarble Works2
Wm. Colder, PresidentHarrisburg Car Co.2
Adam Keller, Jr.Grocer and Provision Dealer2
E. S. GermanReligious Book Store, Tract and Sunday School Depository2
Anthony KingHardware, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc.2
Barrett, Nephews and Co.Staten Island Fancy Dyeing Establishment (Philadelphia)3
B. YeckerManufacturer of Saddles, Bridles, Plain and Fancy Harness, Trunks, Valises, Travelling Bags, Whips of Every Variety (Lancaster)4
S. S. RathvonMerchant Tailoring (Lancaster)4
Wm. D. SprecherAgricultural Implement and Seed Warehouse (Lancaster)4
A. D. HopeThe Hope Express Co. (New York)5
Geo. W. ParsonsAgricultural Implements, Seeds, Machinery Of All Kinds6
ReilyDrug Store6
J. W. Stout and F. T. AtkinsonDry Goods (Philadelphia)7
J. W. ScottGentlemen's Furnishing Store and Shirt Manufactory (Philadelphia)7
John D. SkilesGroceries, Fruit and Provisions (Lancaster)8
HeinitshMusic Store and Picture Frame Manufactory (Lancaster)8
CooperRed Lion Hotel (Lancaster)8
Charles T. GouldChair Manufacturer (Lancaster)8
Jacob BearManufacturer and Dealer In Cabinet Ware, Sofas, Chairs, Mattresses, etc. (Lancaster)8
John KuhnsManufacturer and Dealer In Segars, Tobacco and Snuff (Lancaster)8
D. W. gross and Co.Druggists9
J. Gilbert HerrHerr's Hotel9
J. G. Thackara, Thomas Bingham, Samuel RussellAdams Express Co.10
D. S. PlumeManufacturer of Stair Rods, Stair Plates, The Balsley Patent Step Ladder, Brass Mountings For Military Equipment, and Trunk Hardware (New York)10
Henry E. SlaymakerReigart's Old Wine Store (Lancaster)11
Isaac MishlerWines and Liquors, Also Vinegar (Lancaster)11
Dr. Geo. W. StineSurgeon Dentist12
Joshua M. WiestlingAttorney-At-Law12
Sullivan S. ChildAttorney For Claims Against The United States and State of Pennsylvania12
John H. BowmanAttorney-At-Law (Lebanon)12
Thomas McLaughlinCustom Shirt Manufacturer, and Dealer in Men's Furnishing Goods (New York)12
Wood and PerotOrnamental Iron Works (Philadelphia)13
Jacob RechCarriage and Wagon Builder (Philadelphia)13
David Bair and Co.Dry Goods, Queensware, Glassware, Carpeting, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, etc. (Lancaster)14
Elias Barr and Co.Booksellers, Stationers, and News Dealers (Lancaster)14
John DavelerLeather Morocco and Findings (Lancaster)14
E. J. ErismanMerchant Tailor and Clothier (Lancaster)14
D. C. SprecherManufacturer and Dealer In Tobacco and Segars (Lancaster)15
E. W. Swentzel, D.D.S.Surgeon Dentist (Lancaster)15
S. A. WyliePublisher, The Lancaster Daily and Weekly Inquirer (Lancaster)15
James R. Boyd and SonCabinet Makers and Undertakers16
Lewis Ladomus and Co.Diamond Dealers and Jewelers (Philadelphia)16
Bayliss and DarbyPennsylvania Wire Works (Philadelphia)16
Chas. E. Smith, PresidentPhiladelphia and Reading Railroad17
Pearsol and GeistPublishers, The Evening Express, and The Weekly Express (Lancaster)18
Pearsol and GeistThe Express Printing Office (Lancaster)19
John DailyExcelsior Gallery of Photography, Photographs, Ambrotypes, etc. (Lebanon)20
Mrs. C. EckWashington House (York)20
Jacob M. WesthaefferThe People's Book Store and Publishing House (Lancaster)21
D. S. RaberDrugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Dye Stuffs, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, etc. (Lebanon)22
John Young and Co.Publishers, Lebanon Democrat, A German Republican Paper (Lebanon)22
Lee and WalkerMusic Publishers (Philadelphia)22
L. K. LandermilchDry Goods, Groceries and Queensware (Lebanon)22
F. C. and F. R. PolackWatches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, etc. (York)22
Wheeler and WilsonSewing Machines (Philadelphia)23
John HopperNew England Mutual Life Insurance Co. (New York)24
James Conner's SonsConner's United StateS Type Foundry (New York)25
Kelker and BrotherHardware, Iron, Steel, Tin, Copper, Lead , Spelter, Paints, Oils, Glass, and Varnishes, etc.26
MageeEnvelope Manufactory (Philadelphia)26
Sellers BrothersPioneer Wire-Works (Philadelphia)26
John Baer's SonsPublishers, The Volksfreund u Beobachter, A German Weekly Paper; Job Printing In English and German (Lancaster)27
D. A. MuenchThe Old Wallower Transportation Line28
Mrs. Jane A. MatherMilliner28
H. MillerFrench Boot Maker28
Tapscott Brothers and Co.Central Emigration and Foreign Exchange Office (New York)28
William ParkhillPlumber28
M. B. SpahrNotions, Trimmings, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps (York)29
A. Koser and Co.Beef Butchers; Small Meats of All Kinds30
A. KoserPure Ice, Wholesale and Retail31
Joseph S. FoxGents Furnishing Goods (Philadelphia)31
William S. ReichardLadies' Boot and Shoe Business31
A. K. BowersAgricultural Implements (Lancaster)32
B. MishlerWines, Liquors, and Vinegar (Lancaster)32
C. E. HechtApothecary (Easton)33
McAllister and BrotherSpectacles, Spy-Glasses, Microscopes, etc. (Philadelphia)34
J. GeorgeBeehive Store, Dry Goods, Groceries and Queensware (Lebanon)34
Henry and ReinoehlDry Goods, Groceries and Queensware (Lebanon)34
Dr. C. D. Gloninger(Lebanon)34
Charles B. WagnerSurgeon Dentist (Lebanon)34
Charles Ellis, Son and Co.Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists (Philadelphia)34
C. B. RogersGarden Seeds and Agricultural Implements (Philadelphia)34
Louis H. NowviockFlorist and Gardener35
William A. ParkhillGas Fitter, Plumbing35
Augustus O. PriceHair Dresser and Wig Maker35
James RaymondWhite Hall Hotel35
C. F. SieberSoap and Candle Manufactory35
John B. SimonPractical Architect and Builder, Paxton Steam Works35
Dr. H. B. ParryDrug and Chemical Store (Lancaster)36
Dr. H. B. ParryDentist (Lancaster)36
William MarquartFulton House (Lancaster)36
Andres ReamLiquor Store (Lancaster)36
C. LillerBarber and Hair Dresser (Lancaster)36
Koenig and WernerGun, Gun Locks, and Rifle Manufactory (Lancaster)36
W. W. BoyerCoach Making Establishment37
Charles H. NeftCarriage Builder (York)37
James B. SmallBooks, Periodicals, Stationery, etc. (York)37
George P. WiestlingWood and Coal Yard37
Silas WardSteinway Pianos, Melodeons, Violins, Guitars37
J. L. LembergerDruggist and Apothecary (Lebanon)37
Duross BrothersBlack Horse Alley Plain and Ornamental Printers (Philadelphia)38
Chas. Minot, Gen'l Sup't.Erie Railway (New York)39
Hiram YoungBook, Stationery and Periodical Store (York)40
Stephen F. WhitmanManufacturer Of Superfine Confections (Philadelphia)40
Whitney BrothersGlass Works (Glassboro, NJ)41
Edwin ClintonBrushes, Paint, Varnish and Sash Tools (Philadelphia)41
Solomon SmithSaddle, Harness and Trunk Manufacturer (North Lebanon)42
Christian H. LongManufacturer and Dealer In Tobacco, Segars and Snuff (Lancaster)42
Fager and MaeyerFurnances, Ranges, Stoves, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware Manufacturers42
Edw. C. J. Evans and Co.Central Nurseries (York)43
Uriah Hunt and SonPublishers, Booksellers and Stationers (Philadelphia)44
Edward G. MilletCentral Spice, Mustard, Coffee and Essence Of Coffee Mills (Philadelphia)44
Chauncey Hulburt and Co.U. S. Oil Inspector, General Commission Merchants (Philadelphia)44
Thomas GordonCentre Hall Photographic Gallery (York)44
W. D. Smith and Co.Brown Stout, Ale and Porter Brewery (Philadelphia)45
J. E. DaughertyMarble Yard (Lebanon)45
Charles M. AllmondStates Union Hotel (Philadelphia)45
Cowden and WilcoxStone Ware Pottery46
Geo. CunkleMerchant Tailor and Clothier46
Daniel EppleyDry Goods46
Charles A. BoasWatch Maker, Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware46
Fink and BoyerBrewery46
James Fleming, M. D.Dentist46
Peter AltmaierManufacturer Of Gun Locks, Guns and Rifles47
Thomas BinghamAdams Express Co.47
Burnite and WeldonPhotographic Artists, Ambrotypes and Photographs47
J. B. BoydChair and Cabinet Warerooms48
J. M. BomgardnerApothecary, Drugs and Fancy Goods48
H. KraberDry Goods, Carpetings, Queensware, Groceries and General Assortment of Staple and Foreign Goods (York)49
P. A. and S. SmallHardware Merchants and Grain Dealers (York)49
Root and CaseManufacturers of Platform Scales (York)50
Charles UnderwoodWheatfield Inn (York)50
William M. BreslinThe Lebanon Advertiser, A Family Newspaper, Published Weekly (Lebanon)51
John H. ZieglerWines, Brandies, Gins, etc.51
Isaac S. WilliamsHousekeeping Articles, Tin and Japanned Goods, Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, Housekeeping Hardware, Baskets and Wooden Ware (Philadelphia)51
A. J. SteinmanAttorney At Law (Lancaster)52
Robert SnodgrassAttorney At Law52
Eugene SnyderAttorney and Counsellor At Law52
Geo. Pfleger, Jr.Attorney At Law (Lebanon)52
A. Stanley UlrichAttorney At Law (Lebanon)52
Addison F. WeidleAttorney and Counsellor at Law52
Grant WeidmanAttorney At Law (Lebanon)52
John Evans and John L. MayerAttorneys At Law (York)52
Wm. KnocheSchomacker and Co's Pianos, Mason and Hamlin's Melodeons, etc.53
John C. ShenkBoot and Shoe Maker (Lancaster)53
John BestSteam Boiler Manufacturer (Lancaster)53
A. C. SmithAttorney at Law and Notary Public53
Chas. Minot, Gen'l Sup'tErie Railway (New York)54