Elementary Education Programs

Teachers may choose from three curriculums.  Each program includes a 15 minute local history presentation on Dauphin County, hands on learning activities related to the chosen curriculum, and a tour of the Mansion. With benefit of grants from private foundations, the Society is able to provide these exciting interactive elementary education programs free of charge.

Colonial Times

Children's Toys
Children's Toys

This program focuses on every day life in Colonial Dauphin County.  The presentation covers the life of John Harris Sr., first settler in Harrisburg, and his son, John Harris Jr., founder of Harrisburg and builder of the Mansion. Hands-on activities focus on everyday life in the Colonial era and include food preservation, childrens' toys, household utensils and tools, clothing of the period, and social structure.

The Lives and Times of John Harris, and John Harris Jr.

Spinning Wheel
Spinning Wheel

This program centers on the lives and times of John Harris and John Harris Jr.  The history presentation will discuss the development of Dauphin County and the City of Harrisburg as the county seat, and its relation to Pennsylvania during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.  Hands-on activities include the Susquehannock Indians, the original plan for the City of Harrisburg, and trades and writing styles of the time period.

Simon Cameron

A Top Hat

This program concentrates on the Civil War era.  The history presentation will look at the life of Simon Cameron, Pennsylvania politician and national figure, and discuss his relationship to the time period.  Hands-on activities include mid 19th century transportation in Dauphin County, medicine, entertainment of the era, and uniforms and clothing of the time period.