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10-1 Cloudy. Snow, hail. Sleet, Slush. I was at our church morning and evening. None of the rest of our family there weather so bad. Sally Crawford of Chambg. daughter of G.Hartley Esqr died yesterday.

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11-2 Cloudy, colder, snow on the ground 4 or 5 inches. Rec’d letter A. Barker "Carlisle Jan. 9, 1836" and wrote to him in reply. I was at the Capitol from 10 ¼ A.M. to 1 P.M. was at a large party after tea at Esqr Brooks where I entered with Mrs. J.W. Haldeman and took her home at 10 ½ P.M. Sleigh running today. Sleighing only tolerable. Our Eliz’th setting on her mother’s lap kicked over the table and broke the shade of our [Astral?] Lamp. Met Harriet Grimshaw who took supper with us there at the time.

Tuesday, January 12, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12-3 Clear, moderate and thawing. Some sleighs running. M. C. Bruher for his 3 wards. Charles, Eliza and Sarah McClintock and myself for Sydia Mclintock (whose interest I own) and for her daughter Mary and for Joel Bailey guardian of Jas. McClintock this day rented to Mrs. Mary Anderson ([vide] the article of argument in the hands of Wm. Catrell, and witness thereto) part of the Estate of Jas. M Clintock. Du. for 1 year from 1 April 1836 to 1 April 1837 for which she paid as in advance in full for the whole year $47.17 (discounting $50 for a year). Of which I got for the interests I represented 1/3 for widow and 2/5 of 2/3 for Mary Bailey $28.30 and Bruher got for his work the Bal. of $47.17 being $18.87 for his 3 wards. Rec’d of Jacob Seiler adm. of M. Hovis Du. $11.00 Debt and $1.28 being in full of a note of $10 originally owing to me as a fee from Char Swagger on which I lend him in Dec.1834 and obtained a rcpt. for sum of $11.00 upon this I opened an Ex. on which this sum Swagger filed his Bond in Dau. C. Pleas with S. Hovis his bail to take Ben. of Ms S. which Bond was forfeited. Paid for apples 6 ¼—Was at my office till 9 ¼ P.M.

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January 13, 1836 Wednesday

13-4 Cloudy, moderate, slushy—rec’d letter from Mr. Maldron Halifax "Dau. Co Jan 11/36" Paid M. Davies Esqr $1.03 in full of the [cents of the court of pleas] . Swagger referred to yesterday (V. his receipt) Paid C.L. Berghaus and father (V. Bill and Receipt) for wood bought in Sep. 1835. $1.50 this is in full of all demands between them and me from me to them. I was at the Capitol, this morning and afternoon with Frances and several other ladies and gentleman attending to a very interesting debate in H. of Rep. upon the subject of taking Ex. Gov. Wolf, who had refused by letter to appear before an "anti Masonic Committee" to Ex. the Evils of Fair Masonry" into the custody of the Sec’y of Amer. of the House. I also attended the setting of W. Comter in the "Sup. Ct. Room where F. R. Shunk Esqr. was called as a witness and declined being sworn and had his reasons, other persons also declined being sworn. I went to Shunks from the Committee Room. Mrs. S. D. Patterson wife of the Ed. of the Penna. Ref. was there with whom I went home and then went to my office and home at 9 ½ P.M.

Thursday, January 14, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-5 Clear, moderate. I rec’d of M. Blurrs by the hands of M. Dougherty—Fee $10. on [out] of Profes. Services in Sect. no.212 of Aug. 7, 1830 in Dauphin Co. Pa. Present Alders Barker and Priest Currans Brother, Mrs. Eliz’th orth. widow of Adam orth. Esqr, who died a year or two since, died yesterday at her Mothers. Mrs. Cox’s in this Borough of a decline, under 20 years of age leaving a Son Adam near 2 years old—She [furnished] during a protracted illness and in her last trying him and closing scene, the gratifying and undoubtful assurances that she was "born again" and renewed by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. She was an intimate and much loved friend of my wife. We have the consolation in her death that her spirit has winged its flight to it’s everlasting resting place in the "Bosom of her savior and her God." I was at the Capitol this afternoon where Ex. Gov. Wolf was brought before a Com. on an attachment for declining to appear on a Subp. to testify as to the evil of Free Masonry. He declined and refused to be sworn. I was engaged in my office from 7 to 8 ½ P.M. in taking the Depositions of A. [Bluk] and David Cummings Esqr before M. Davies Esqr, Rec’d letter from A. Gerrn Esqr "Phila, Jan.9—1836" Pd. Pos. 12 ½ cts. Wrote to K.Ohnio Esqr for $52.97. [police on money to 13 inst.] Wrote to Jas. Pollock Esqr in answer to his letter of 26 last mo. and sent for dep. taken today

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January 15th, 1835 Friday

15-6 Clear. Colder. At 10A.M. I got a one horse carriage of N. Henrie in which I took my wife and Mrs. C. Wharton to the funeral of Mrs. E. Orth. She was buried at the family Burying Ground 4 mikles from the Borough up the river. We returned at 1 P.M. I rec’d letter from H.K. Strong Esqr for M. Pomeroy (Client) $40 on account of his written obligation and rec’d and returned my Fee$10 out of S.$40 at the rate of 25 percent int. Pd. Alden Barker (Atty. for Pomeroy) $63.75 being the Bal. in full of Pomeroys money in my hand. Rec’d of Strong on the 9 and 22 of Oct. last on the 16 Nov. last and today, having rec’d at those 4 several periods $85. and rec’d out of the same as the monies there paid my fees at 25 percent being $21.25 out of the S. $85, and pd. back aforesaid the Bal. $63 ¾ (V. his Receipt) this day. I was at a Party at Judge Fahnestocks. Went and came away with M. S. Clenderini [my sister]. We left at 10 ½ P.M. I rec’d introduction to Miss Van Buren [client cen.] of Martin and to Senator Meihle of Northamptan Co. I rec’d last Mo. of "Dem. St. Journal" 12 inst.

Saturday, January 16, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16-7 Cloudy, and Cold, very hard Frozen all day. Paid W.P. Hays Cabinet maker in full of all demands (V. his Receipt) 87 ½ cts. Wrote to Mrs. Sydia McClintock (client) "No.7 Grays Alley Phila." Also to Wm. Lackey Esqr of Perry Co. about sent No.21 to Aug. 2, 1835 in Perry Com. Pleas Evans adm’d of Lawrence v. Lindley and [Luke]—and pd. pos. 6 cts. Was at my office till 9 ¼ P.M. and there walked up and down the Board way to the Capitol a mile or two.

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