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20 ~ 1 Clear till near 10A.M. – Then Some Rain all day. I was at home all day Evening Somewhat indisposed with Cold. Frances and her mother were at Shunks in the Morning Frances in afternoon

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21 ~ 2 Clear Beautiful ~ our Court Commences to day – handed Frances for family purposes $2 Re[received] of Adami[?] W. Campbell. (his [?] applicant) Fee $5 ~ Paid Mo Wisten Jr[?] (to his apt through [?] summer of po"[paid] Br. Bank) $30:30 in full of [?] rent Re[received] for him of [?] on 4 Oct. last & a balance of 30cts in my han[?] from[?] Rent due 1 july last. Drew Check payable to [?] in the Harrisburg Bank for So"[?] $30:30. Reo"[received of Phi[?] Newbeken to pay costs in [?] jany 1. 1835 Check for $18"98 of 59 costs to [?] Prov[?] in So" Care of So" Prov[?] by him credited to me in my a/c[account] for [?] Atty [?] FEE $3"75 Elisha L. Conover of New York City & a Mr. Knicken[?] came to my office to day to get me to attend to the litle[?] of [?] land So’ Conover was about to buy of Lansing[?] Witmore Esq in Hamilton[?] M. [?] Co. being the

Nov. 21 1836 Monday

day of mo

21 ~ 2 Contd[continued] ~ Same land for which I lent 19 [?] units to Witmore[?] 26 July last [?] [?] [?] from Lansing Witmore to Mr. E.L. Conover for land surveyor on So" warrants being 8366 [?] 70 [?] 7 went with Mitmore to Esq. Kline about 9P.M. where he acknowledged it at 9 ½ P.M. I went to a Large Party at Mr. [?] L. Esq where Frances was there remd"[remained] till about 10 P.M.

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22 ~ 3 Clear ~ Coolish. Col. R. Stockton in my office to day. Also Witmore a New Yorker as Yesterday ~ paid Geo. Kelly (Cold Man) $ 2"95 Bal. in full for sawing 7 cords of Hickory Wood for me which Makes $4"20 pd"[paid] him in all for So"[?] job (write[?] his Receipt in Book [?] 4.21 ultimo[?]) wrote to Lans. Hildeburn Phila"[Philadelphia] answered Horrace Binney Jr Esq letter Reo"[received] 9th ultimo[?] on So"[?] Hil. G[?] ~ Reco"[received] of Elisha L. Conover of New York City – as [?] for any professional Services a [?] FEE $25 – Paid Lansing Witmore Esq $43"98 being the Bal in full due to him of a Bal. of $48"88 in my hands on the 23rd & 26 July last, after deducting 7 retaining out of land $48"88 for my services in So"[?] [?] of 23rd & 26 July of or a few days past my FEE $25 ([?]ide So"[?] Witmore’s loose receipt0. Pos. letter this day [?] by Frances from Mr. J[?] Clendenin Esq Little Rock Arkansas 25 cts

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23 ~ 4 Clear ~ Cloudy ~ Cold – paid for Marketing 10 cts ~ Paid Barber for cutting my hair 12 ½ cts ~ Bt. 2 tons of [?] Coal for house about ¼ of it taken to my office. Paid D. Miller 50cts in full of all demands for Staying at his Tavern on Duncans Land all night on 2nd Nov. 1835 taking breakfast there on the morning of 3rd Nov. 1835 on my way to Perry Co. Court 7 going with Mr. Miller to Perry Co. the [?] for this in my Receipt B.[Book] [?] Aug instead of Nov. the reason he may not po"[paid] at the time was that we did not return to his house together 7 he was yet[?] at Bloomfield when I [?] to his house this brotherinlaw[sic] who was there did not know what way to [?] [?] I should leave it. Po"[paid] [?]eary Rouch $27 ~ being Bal. in full for a Lot of hickory wood Got[?] on 10 left Rent when I [?] 50cts Earnes[?] 9V.R.B0 – po"[paid] A Buffington for 2 Tons [?] [?] Valley Coal^as abpove[?] to day[?] (V. bill & Receipt0 $8"50 dated yesterday Same Coal noted at beginning of to days’ Entry. Was at office Wednesday night usual meeting with Frances H. Shunk

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Nov. 24 1836 Thursday

day of mo

24 ~ 5 Clear ~ Cloudy ~ cold ~ I put coal away in my office before breakfast. Piled wood after breakfast in cellar at home till 10A.M. then to court. Frances Self & Baby took tea at Peacocks Mother & her P.[?] at Wallaces ~ went to Benjamans[?] to look if Stephens Stewart to whom I rented Stove on the had not sold it to him. Found he has told him in presence of Mr. Shitz I should claim it or its value $8. was at my office till 9P.M.

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25 ~ 6 Clear ~ Cold ~ Skid[?] of Snow ¾ inch, about on Ground fell in night ~ Took Dinah Walters to identify Stove of yesterday she did so readily. Sent "The Reporter" ‘Keystone" of last week to DW Rawn Phila"[Philadelphia] – Bot[?] ½ ton of Stove Coal of[?] cline at $4 ¼ per ton. (delo"[delivered]) paid at my door for about 5 Bushels [?] & other apples 62cts. Wrote letter for fellow who signed his name to it Mills Bundsale[?] to Ru[?] M. – Del. Co. and directed to [?] Gibbons case – so"[said] he was his brotherinlaw[sic] – So"[said] he had his [?]ole burnt[?] on case 15 miles from Columbia with $200 in [?] his father to send him a check for more money – I concluded at the winding up[?] that he had been well educated. Dip[?] & now had slight touch of Mania Pot[?] Same man was at my office after supper.

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26 ~ 7 Clear ~ Cloudy ~ Very Cold ~ Po"[paid] for 2 [?] chickens 56 cts for 1 live Turkey 37 cts for cornmeal 27 ½ cts for 15 Eggs 18 cts – for 8 ¾ lbs Beef & 1 lb Sauasage 68 ¾ for 2 Hams [?] 18 ¾ & 21 ¼ lbs at 7.l[?] cts lb.. $3.00 ½ frollings[?] for 2 bushels of potatoes got a week or two [?] 80 cts - & for bill Sundries[?] Salt, Salt [?] [?] at Fisks for hams 31 ¼ cts. I salted po"[paid] hams 7 done other things about cellar. Handed Frances for Family purposes $2. Also $1 for herself to buy Stockings – was at office till 9P.M.

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