Sunday, February 9, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9-1 Clear & cloudy & cold. I have bad cold in head & remained at home all day Mr Shunk called for me by arrangement to go to Dutch Church with him but thought it most wise dent (?) not to go. to bed at 9 ¼ PM. Paid our hired woman Hannah Bayan on a/c of wages 50 cts.

Monday, February 10, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10-2 Clear & mild. Thawing considerable. Sleighs still running from the country-rode on horseback 6 mis before dinner. Wrote to Edd T. Sayres Phila & kept copy Spent afternoon & Evg in office & parlor & to bed at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 11, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11-3 Clear & mild thawing considerable rode on horseback from 8 ¾ to 11 AM 10 mis pd on my ride for 3 pair chicken 56 ¼-pd Lawrence Lewis Cold for wgs R Shunk

$12.50 in full of Shunk’s Borough tax for 1844. Was at Party with wife 8 to 10 ½ PM at R J Ross’ home 10 ½ to bed 10 ¾ PM

Wednesday, February 12, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12-4 Cloudy-some rain. thawed all last night Snow melting fast-very sloppy pd for 2 lb Butter 37 ½ for ½ peck Buckwheat Meal 12 ¼ for Parsnips 10 at Miler’s for 8 lbs Brown Sugar 56 (v. 5 inst) Amt $1.16 Recd of Jas Vogens (Cold Man) per Jno Johnson with whom he works 1 Ton Pine Grove Coal $3.50 (v. 13 Decr this making 5 Tons coal laid in this winter) on a/c of Vogens note to me of 22 Nov last for $10 fee. said coal to be charged to said Vogens. Spent day in and out of argument Court which commenced yesterday & Evg in parlour & office & to bed 9 PM.

Thursday, February 13, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13-5 Clear & cold-hard frozen thawing some little in middle of day. I rode on horseback 7 mis from 8 ¾ to 9 ¾ AM. Jno Berryhills wife Buried this morning=S. Dunlap Adair Esq in my office on Subject of my letter of 1 inst-accompanied by Jno Mc Keehan of his County. they did not concur in the disposition of the money in Hickok case as directed by C. B. Pervose’s letter among my papers in same case-but that I should forthwith Issue Exn for same & leave the ques—

Feb 13-5 Contd -tion of its disposition till after collection-left original assignment from Fleming to Adair for me to take copy—and will call tomorrow for it—got same copied in my office by my student Jesse McKeever compared by him & D. W. Rawn who was present when MeKeehan & Adair in office-wrote letter from Court House to Gov Shunk (present) & Kept copy- was in & out of Court through day-spent Evg in parlour & office and to bed at 9 PM.

Friday, February 14, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-6 Snow fell in last night 3 or 4 inches-fine drizzle through the day & freezing- I was in and out of argument Court through the day. pd for ½ Gal Sperm Oil 56 cts (v. ante Janey 24) for ½ lb Calabria Liquorice 16 cts at McCurdys Amt .72 rode on horseback 1 mile at 5 PM spent Evg in parlour & office and to bed at 9 PM.

Saturday, February 15, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15-7 Cloudy-softish-paid for 1 lb Butter 15 for Parsnips etc 7cts Cabbage 12-1/2 Bus Apples 16 cts-Amt 50 cts-rode on horseback 7 mis from 11 ½ AM to 12 ¾ PM. was in and out of argument Court- called at Gov Shunks room.

Attached Note

Recd of Catherine Rhaun (her payt by her to Harrisburg Govt Inston where I left the note $6.53 loaned her 17th alt. Deposited to my credit in said Institution. Buehlers Hotel at 7 ½ PM where I remained till 10 PM. A Mr Ecklennacht of Phila in part of the time he is an applicnt for office-home 10 & to bed 10 ¼ PM.

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