Sunday, October 2, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2-1 (Oct. 2, Sunday) Clear. Fine. Cool. quite cold in Ev – Fire Indispensable wife & children at an church in morning & wife there in Evens. I was at Methodist Ch. in Evens where they had communion between 8 & 9 P.M. after congregation formally dismissed. I did not remain. home 8 ¼ to bed

Monday, October 3, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-2 (Oct. 3, Monday) Clear – quite Cold – some Windy. wife sick in bed. bilious taken in last night. The of Boar & Newkard $87.50 being one month’s Rent for my stove Room due I inst Depd Lame in the Dauphin Dep Bank being by check on the Harrisburg Bank $87.50 note to James Hazlitt Baltimore reply to his 31 a last paid 3. kept Copy – letter from Henry Clarke Baltimore Oct 3rd walked 3 ½ Mich. bet 4 & 5 1/n P.M. spent Ev chiefly at home to bed 9 1/2

Tuesday, October 4, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Oct. 4-3 (Tuesday) Clear – Fine – Pleasant – has engaged during forenoon fixing up place in yard to little canal Meredith the plasterer, son Chas & self engaged rising his work here after [?] and myself engaged making calculations [?] about 4 P.M. This whole [?] to $70.50 – viz –

Plastering including openings3933
9 /3529
nelt plastering - square yards -392
at6 cts
The entry downstairs is exclusive of the above)
of which makes a lump job and charges - )7.00
cornice and centre piece in [?]30.00
centerpieces in room next parlor Hall on)8.00
2nd story & Hall on Entry down Stairs - )
Plasterings the alley 2 coats2.00
paid him on a [?] amt by$70.52
check on DauDepBank30.00
[?] pd him 2nd July last25.00
Balance dependent on$15.52
corrections to be made of any mistakes
when I look over my own calculations
said Bal. of & 15.52 paid from 1-Oct 17th

Herman [?] walked 3 ½ miles between 4 ¼ & 5 1/n P.M. Went further hotin yesterday by A. Young [?] 25 for leaving same – paid for [?] then | yesterday a [?] 25 for 1 lb Sweet Crackers 10 cts Amt [?] a home and to bed 9 ½ PM.

Wednesday, October 5, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5-11 Clear & Fine. Pleasant. Cloudy. Windy. some rain in Evening paid 1 lb Butter 16 – Beef 53 – [?] 14 Handed wife 18Amt $1.08 paid Jos. Wallace [?] Mr. Heming $7.17 in full pew rent is the Presbyterian Church for 6 mos. To 1 | or 2/3 of a Pew, James McCormick – [?] by hands of Mr. Y.$115.00 in full of own fee, in Hummelston in ground out cases my half being Fee $87.50 – in [?] and he also his half on account of my new John Hause – refusing to pay his rent alledging high and otherwise behaving very imprudently [?] issued a San [?] to A. Young constable of at him on which A.Young [?] due being $8.50. Further indications of his behavior I considered it absolutely necessary to track him a lesson early in his case (?) of mixed of Saint Miller per Loads $0.00 – walked between 4 & 5 P.M. 3 ½ miles – called Wm [?] after tree about 7 P.M. Ev. at home to bed 9 1/m

Thursday, October 6, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

6-5 Clear – Fine – Windy – pd Mary Boone $1.00 for washing & ironing last and this week in full for my wife – Handed wife for Yarn for the children, stockings viz for 1 ½ by yarn [?] in $1.12 /n

for 1 cut for Fanny’s [?] 31

$1.43 ½

Depd in DauDepBank $50.00 – here working on moving shingle, from to wonder in and his wife Anna here too

Oct.6-8 cont – here too a couple or three washing quilts and HanKets I walked 3 miles between 3 ½ & 5 P.M. went with Stephen Miller at 5 P.M. in got by him at [?] Whitteys school House to meet in tavern on ProSigL. We had a very crowded gratifying meetings of both Sexes – he self made speech he opened the meeting with Singings & Prayer at 7 P.M. We got through at about 9. distributed a number of the wheat documents home at 9 ¾ to bed at 10 P.M.

Friday, October 7, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7-0 Clear & Fine – Pleasant Magdalena Heuser wife of the in my buildings came here to my house crying to complain husband this Father have chased her away – we called Charly B[?] to interpret. called to see them. I went with her on first after him [?] who lives in Chestnut St – she was back in afternoon told me she had been to Dr Seilen. I called the Dr into my entry. we had a talk there on the settee. walked between 3 1/n & 4 1/n P.M. 3 1/n Miles a 5 1/n P.M. started in Rackaway carriage provided by Mr.Colden stable keeper whose nephew drove to Dauphin Village where I was specially invited yesterday Mr Sande [?] a Methodist plan to add them on the ProSigLaw question into the Methodist Ch. at 7 P.M. where we found a large assembly of men & women whom [?] for about an hour The Meeting was a very satisfactory & agreeable one and in returned to town at 10 ½ to 11 P.M. to bed 11 P.M.

Saturday, October 8, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8-7 Clear – Fine – Pleasant. paid for 1 qt burning fluid sack of salt 25 sundries 19 in market this morning by my wife for 20 2 lbs Butter 32 ¾ - Sweet Potatoes Chestnuts 9 – Amt $1.35 ¾ from 7 to 3 P.M. [?] judges on Bench – argued with [?] for Dept for Hiram Duncan motion for a new trial in a conviction of him last [?] for For. & Bastardy. 3 miles between 4 & 7 P.M. [?] myself called when husband and his father to see what they would do for her. Charley B[?] was also in my office again for some time as interpreter. Ev chiefly at home. to bed 9 P.M.

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