MG 130 - Republican Party Collection

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Scope and Content

Contains campaign literature, speeches, convention programs, tickets, including an address by the Republican Committee to the citizens of Dauphin County, 1817; a booklet providing the biography, military service and political views of Governor John Frederick Hartranft; a handbill for a meeting, 1878; speeches of the Republican candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of internal affairs in 1906; a broadside of the Republican candidates in 1910; the Last Speech of William McKinley, 1901; tickets to the National Convention, 1900 & 1920; convention programs for the Pa. League of Republican Clubs, 1896, 1906; the Republican Campaign Textbook, 1910; the convention program for the Council of Republican Women, 1938; campaign flyers and pamphlets 1896-1910; "The Campaigner" newsletter, 1890; campaign flyers for John C. Kunkel, candidate for the U.S. Senate, 1950; correspondence written by M. Harvey Taylor, 1949 & 1951 and tickets to the Inauguration of Gov. John Fine, 1951; a Field Volunteer's Kit for the Republican Roundup to help re-elect Dwight Eisenhower, 1956; a program for the Dauphin County Republican Committee dinner, 1977; broadsides for the Republican candidates, and for John Fox Weiss, Republican candidate for District Attorney, undated; and a photograph of prominent Republicans in the Penn Harris Board Room.

Date(s): 1817-1977

Extent: 1 box, 14 folders, 37 enclosures